Firestick Debloat Tool v3 (18th Sept)

What is bloatware?

When you unbox your new phone / Android device, it comes with Android that is pre-installed by the manufacturer. This is termed as “stock firmware”. Stock firmware also comes with a number of apps pre-installed, like native browser, Google apps, games, etc. Some applications are manufacturer-specific. For example, many Samsung phones come with Samsung Health and Galaxy Apps pre-installed, which are available only in Samsung devices. Often, the user doesn’t require these applications, as they are mostly inferior when compared with similar apps available elsewhere. You can disable them from Settings, but they will continue to take up space on your eMMC. Such apps are then termed as “bloatware”. The process of removing the APK and data files of the bloatware is called “debloating”.

(APK at the bottom of the page)


  1. Enable installation from Unknown Sources on your device
  2. Ensure you have ADB debugging enabled
  • Using downloader to install the above APK
  • Start the application

  • You must tick the “Always allow USB Debugging” and the click OK.

Application will start

The debloat tool will do a scan and show you all of the things that are currently disabled (ticked) and Enabled (unticked)

If you want to disable everything, click on this box on the top

This will tick everything for you and you can then press the play button next to it to apply the change

Enable Prime Video

To ensure that Prime Video continues working, ensure you do not tick these 4 processes

Total list of Packages disabled

Software needed

  1. TDUK Firestick Debloat Tool v3

See the process in action here