Custom Launcher On Amazon 4K Firestick (August 2020)

Why is this needed?

It seems that Amazon are constantly trying to block us from taking control of our devices. A custom launcher is agreat way to speed up the device and also not see any sponsored content. If you custom launcher has stopped working then follow the steps below

Software Needed

  1. TDUK-FireTV-Settings 1.4 (All Devices Need This)
  2. TDUK-Accessibility Manger 1.7 (Used to grant permissions to Fire TV Settings & More)
  3. Leanback Launcher 1.9 (Fantastic Custom Launcher based on Android TV)
  4. Wolf Launcher (Another great launcher based on ATV Launcher, if you don’t want to use Leanback then try this one)


  1. Enable installation from Unknown Sources on your device
  2. Ensure you have ADB debugging enabled
  • Using downloader to install the APK from the bottom of this page
  • Go to your apps library and open up Accessibility manager

When the app starts for the first time, you will see:

Click on Always Allow and then OK

Turn on the Accessibility Service on the top right and then enable the option for the FireTV Settings. Click Save

This will then either take you straight to your custom launcher or it might show you the FireTV settings

(You can Ignore the secure permission as its not needed any more)

Make sure you custom launcher is selected and hit save. Press the home key and you should see your custom launcher

How to go back to default launcher

Go to your apps library and find the FireTV settings in the list

Press the context key and select App Settings

Select Uninstall

You will still see the custom launcher until you press the home key

Software needed

  1. APK Updater 2.0.4 All credit to rumboalla

See the process in action here