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Court Sanctions Anti-Piracy Lawyer for “Willful Disobedience”

A California federal court has sanctioned attorney Lincoln Bandlow for willful disobedience. Bandlow, who’s a partner at Fox Rothschild where he handles hundreds of piracy cases for Strike 3 Holdings, failed to meet the court’s deadlines on many occasions. The attorney’s explanations of insufficient staff and an overactive spam filter, were unacceptable, according to the […]

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Notorious ‘Copyright Troll’ Outfit Hands Over its US Operations to New ‘Joint Venture’

GuardaLey, the world’s most infamous ‘copyright-trolling’ operation in the BitTorrent space, says it has entered into a joint venture with a US company called American Films Inc. The latter will become the 100% owner of GuardaLey’s US operations. According to Bloomberg data, American Films Inc. currently has no “significant operations”. Every year, many thousands of […]

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The Interesting Double Standards in the Piracy World

It’s a commonly held belief among many pirates that all premium content should be available for free. However, when pirates ‘steal’ or take credit for releases made by other pirates, many find this completely unacceptable. It’s an interesting double standard that appears to defy logic but has its roots in earned respect. Content companies might […]

Tech News Has No Real Ties to Switzerland, Criminal Investigation Shows

Popular file-hosting service proudly represents itself as a Swiss company. With the US Government branding it a pirate site, that presented a problem for the European country. However, following a criminal investigation, the Swiss authorities concluded that the site has “no real ties” to Switzerland. With millions of visitors per month, Uploaded is one […]